For old time candies galore, Fuzziwig’s Candy Store in Ohio has it all. From Charleston Chew to Twizzlers, Punch to Pez, our old school candy is sure to delight. Take a trip down memory lane with our old fashioned candy, and remind yourself of the tastes and happy times you enjoyed when you were a kid. The old style wrappers, scrumptious smell and colorful candies is something that never fails to excite. When you open your box of Fuzziwig’s old time candies, everyone will want to try. Don’t forget to share!

Having a party or celebration and want something different to offer your guests? Our old candy sets the stage for a fun atmosphere that’s sure to be a treat. Want to win affections from vintage confections? Old time candies are a great gift idea for someone special. Try our custom M&Ms and make them romantic, make them funny – whatever the occasion, they are a great talking point. Remember though, you mustn’t talk with your mouth full!

At Fuzziwig’s Candy Store, we know you don’t need a reason to enjoy the nostalgia of retro candy. Order some now, or head to our store for Ring Pop, Bonkers Candy, Skittles and more.


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